Flynnricka the Lucky

Impetuous Rogue Swindler


Flynnricka’s family was murdered by the Rakshasa, Nadir a decade ago and shortly before Sir Isteval banished the demon back to the abyss. Orphaned and alone, Flynnricka wandered into town starving and penniless but was taken in by a local cleric of Lethander. Despite the cleric’s best efforts, the halfling turned to a life of cons and petty Larson (aimed primarily at visiting weathly Waterdhavian nobles over the years but has not landed in prison…yet. Though that’s not for lack of trying on the part of the Guard Captain. The Captain has yet to catch Flynnricka in the act and they have an amicable relationship regardless. The wizard looks like a great mark for his next scam. Flynnricka owes a rather large sum of gold to the Zhentarim for a lost bet that is coming due very soon.


Flynnricka the Lucky

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