The Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle

Thoss and Cheleen's Lair

Into the Crypts and Beyond

The stench of gas grew strong as the heroes descended the mold-coated stairway into the Fane’s crypts. Sensing danger, the Fighter tossed their Underwater Candle down into the darkness and ignited the gas. The explosion was impressive but did not collapse the tunnel or do the party any harm…though their Underwater Candle was completely incinerated. Now using slightly less destructive methods, the Wizard tossed an enchanted stone into the darkness and revealed an empty corridor. Poking around some the heroes found a mummification chamber, an enchanted healing fountain and a series of crypts. They investigated some of the sarcophagi and found a Dragonthumber mace that glowed in the presence of dragons and is presumed to be particularly effective against them. Huzzah!


They also found three alcoves, two of which contained statuettes much like the one they’d found earlier in the Fane. Upon approaching one, the fighter made a poor impression and the magically animated tiny stone cleric screamed in terror. The wizard (wearing the temple garb they’d found earlier hidden away in a secret chest) had better luck and conversed with the statue for a time. The statues were all thoroughly insane from their years of solitude and both damaged and helped them before the heroes pushed on.

Delving deeper into the darkness the heroes stumbled upon a Grey Ooze. The Ooze got the jump on the fighter by pretending to be a dark puddle. The heroes quickly found the ooze’s acidic nature was hazardous to both their armor and weapons and used magic or magical weaponry to destroy the creature.


Beyond the Ooze the sounds of a river, drums and chanting could be heard clearly coming up from a long dark stairwell. Flynnrick poked ahead some, sneaking his way down into the beetle-lit cavern. Finding nobody home, he casually strolled directly into a the jaws of the lizardmen. Having heard the exploding gas and battle with the ooze the crafty Queen directed her warriors to lay in wait for the intruders. Flynnrick was indeed lucky! The halfling bobbed and weaved his ass off and managed to avoid the swinging clubs and snapping jaws of many of the lizardmen. The fighter and the cleric then waded in and made short work of the lizardmen forces, though Vethka was nowhere to be seen.


With the lizardmen slain, the heroes took a moment and surveyed their surroundings, discovering the skeletal remains of a dwarf in a nearby alcove. With some clever illusion magic the Wizard was able to distract the scored of ornary fire beetles that stood between them and the skeleton while the fighter ducked in and unceremoniously removed the skeletons arms and whatever it was clutching. From the broken hand spilled forth a coin from the Ironaxe clan of dwarves, the last known goodly residents of Mount Illefarn. Mysterious! They also found a secret doorway behind a makeshift Thoss Fyurnen shrine that led to a recently vacated secret chamber presumably belonging to Vethka. They casually plundered her bedding and found some gold and a magical mirror.

Creeping down a cramped and dank hallway into the darkness the heroes eventually emerged into a large room with a dark foggy pool at it’s center. A pair of massive treasure hordes visible in the room’s corners, this was obviously the home of Thoss and his mate, Cheleen. Thankfully there was no sign of the diabolical duo but just as all appeared safe a well armed and vengeful Vethka burst up from the misty black water and attacked. The lizard queen called out for Thoss’s aid as she battled against the intruders but to no avail. After a few magical blasts and well timed strikes the Lizard Queen lay shattered on the cave floor, her body as broken as her plans for conquest.


Thoss Fyurnen, the Sun Swallower and defiler of Fanes, slithered out of dank waters, with menacing eyes and acrid fumes pouring from his mouth. As he breathed in deep he suddenly choked up as his glowing green eyes fell on the cowering black dragon wyrmling in the shadows behind the adventurers. The wyrmling recognized it’s true parent and leaped into the waters. Visibly relieved, Thoss told the adventurers of how Arvik Zaltos has recently visited him and asked for his aid in raiding Cromm’s Hold to claim the water altar. He refused the wizard, and was betrayed by the treacherous fiend for his generous non-consumption of him by the wizard somehow stealing one of his eggs! Cheleen, his mate, was away hunting in the high moors for a few days and Thoss was not eager to see her reaction when she discovered he had lost one of her eggs. Thoss stole the Water Altar as Arvik originally requested, but after learning of the wizard’s demise now had no interest in keeping the troublesome piece of junk. To repay the heroes for returning his offspring and sparing him Cheleen’s wrath he offered to allow them the privilege of not being eaten by him and furthermore to remove the troublesome Altar from his lair. They obliged, grabbed the altar and bolted from the Fane as quickly as they could.



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