The Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle

The Fane of the Sun Swallower

Scouring the Ruined Fane

In the midst of a fetid and fog shrouded lake the ruined Fane of Amaunator seemed deserted but for a faint orange glow emanating from inside it’s massive stone doorway. The heroes decided to craft a makeshift raft from nearby logs and poled their way across. Inside, the soft glow of fire beetles illuminated the fouled ruins of a once decadent shrine to the Sun God.


Queen Vethka’s lackeys sprung their ambush as Flynnrick the Lucky crept through the archway and nearly overwhelmed the halfling before he could duck back out to the relative safety of the lakeshore. Rain poured in through the ruined astrodome that once topped the Fane as the lizardmen and the heroes battled below. Biting and clawing their way into the heroes, the lizardmen managed to infect several of the group with their putrid wasting disease before they were cut down.

While exploring the various rooms of the temple they discovered the captured Bard. They also found their way into Vethka’s ‘Throne Room’, battling a pair of hungry giant lizards that guarded the area.


There they met the ancient Wrecan, a cast off adviser to Vethka who asks the heroes to slay the Queen before her mad scheme of conquest gets the whole tribe killed. They also discover a small marble figurine of a dwarf priest, with no discernible use, but nearly blowing themselves up in the process. The Wizard ignited the naturally occurring gas that seemed to permeate certain areas of the temple. Finally they found the deceased halfing ranger that served as a guide to the Bard. Distraught by the sight of the ranger’s desiccated remains the Bard charged in to slay the Stirges that had made a meal of the poor soul.


The hungry stirges attacked and the Bard very nearly suffered the same fate as his friend before the wizard swept in and dashed them all to bits with a well place thunderwave spell. With their wounds tended they descended into the Fane’s crypts in search of Thoss Fyurnen, Queen Vethka and the mysterious water altar.



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